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Hall Amenities

Waterbeach Tillage hall was opened in 2012 and is managed by a board of volunteer trustees.


Tillage Hall is a spacious and light community building overlooking the beautiful recreation grounds in Waterbeach. The hall is available for long term or single use hire seven days a week.


 We have a brand new kitchen (fitted in Spring 2021) with a large central island and deep serving hatch, opening out onto the hall and providing plenty of worktop space. The kitchen is well equipped with a fridge, oven and microwave with plenty of crockery available for teas and coffees.


There are 9 tables and approximately 60 chairs available for your use stored in a cupboard off the main hall. The hall floor area measures 9.4 x 9.4 meters and has a high vaulted ceiling with velux roof windows. In terms of height restrictions there are suspended lights which leave a height of 3.9m and on the far edge of the hall, where the vaulted ceiling slopes down further, the height is 2.7m. 

The maximum standing capacity is 100 while the maximum seated capacity is 60, but it is up to the hirer to consider safety at their event in terms of freedom of movement, fire regulations, covid restrictions etc.

There are three toilets available, including disabled and baby change. Free Wifi included for hirers.

Tillage Hall has a disabled toilet and entrance and fire exit doors suitable for wheelchair users. Please contact the manager if you would like to review the provisions at Tillage Hall for specific disabilities.


The car park is shared with the recreation ground and can get busy on football fixture days (typically Saturday mornings).


The car park has a barrier which permits vehicles up to 2.1m high. If you need access for a higher vehicle please email the Hall manager with plenty of notice to arrange getting the barrier key.

We have a patio area outside which is accessible via patio doors off the main hall. 

Please note

*Sale of alcohol and public performances are not allowed on the premises unless a temporary event notice with South Cambs District Council is applied for and approved. Bouncy castles are permitted as long as the hirer checks with the supplier that they fit safely within the hall dimensions and that the supplier has the relevant insurance in case of any claim. Any damage is the hirer's responsibility.

Need to know more?

To arrange a private viewing or to ask questions please contact our hall manager via email.

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